22 Aug Evacuation Process In Gallatin County


  Gallatin County utilizes the two step process outlined below in situations where an incident is affecting people. Warning When ever possible we will provide a warning to those who might be affected by the ongoing incident.  This is typically a law enforcement official who will contact you and make sure you are aware of the current situation.  They will provide you information on the situation and what steps you should be taking.  In many situations you may also receive a phone call or other automated notification in addition to the law enforcement official. This is your opportunity to figure out what your family’s plan will be if the situation gets worse.  Think along the lines of where you will go and what you would need to ta

08 Aug Final Limestone Fire Update – August 8, 2016 am

Bozeman, MT…  The Limestone Fire is now 100% contained and crews will be demobilizing this afternoon.  The 1.5 acre fire was located on private property on the west side of the Bridger Mountains. Resources Assigned:  8 smokejumpers Acreage:  1.5 acres Cause:  Lightening Date detected:  August 6, 2016 Information Contact:  Marna Daley, 406-570-5526 or visit the Custer Gallatin National Forest on Facebook.

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07 Jan How Does Our Community Get Support During Disasters

Explosion 3-5-09 016

  How quickly and through what process a local community gets help in a large disaster is often hotly debated when something happens.  Fortunately Montana has a fairly decent process and our laws support the local governments fairly well.  The simplest way to look at the process

31 Dec Winter Flood Season – It Is Approaching


  As we move farther into winter our historical winter flood season is approaching.  Winter flooding in Gallatin County is typically caused by freezing of the rivers and ice dams forming.  When we see sustained sub zero cold we often have rivers (and other waterways) that begin t

29 Sep Early Warning System Vandalized


  Today our vendor for the Middle Creek Early Warning System began conducting testing and upgrading the system.  In this process they discovered that one of the sites had been shot with a high power gun.  Fortunately the bullet didn’t strike anything critical and the site i

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