Wildfire Battalion Chief Outreach

Gallatin County Emergency Management

What We’re Outreaching For

We are looking for someone to fill our Wildfire Battalion Chief position that can manage our wildfire program and mentor the operational personnel throughout the County and South Central Montana.  This position is key to supporting wildfire response and mitigation throughout a growing region of Montana.

We expect to convert our current position to year around (and largely full time) and advertise the position this coming July.  In the meantime, we would like visit with, and build a list of, people who may be interested in the position.

The Position

This position has several primary areas of responsibility:

  • Support operational response to wildfires for our direct protection and support for our local fire protection agencies.  Ideally this will primarily be in a coaching and mentoring role for local fire agency command officers with the goal of documented trainee opportunities with a focus on ICT4, ICT3, TFLD & DIVS NWCG Position Task Books..
  • Manage County’s wildfire training program as course coordinator and an instructor for 100 and 200 level NWCG courses.  Occasionally 300 level courses will be hosted.  Support neighboring counties with delivery of courses.
  • Management of Gallatin County Incident Qualification Committee and associated Position Task Books, issuance of Incident Qualification Cards, and record management in Incident Qualification System software.
  • Management of Gallatin County Fuels Module.
  • Coordination and support for out of area resource deployment.

This position is hosted by Gallatin County, but also supports several neighboring counties in South Central Montana.


  • Qualified NWCG Division-Group Supervisor is desired.  Trainee NWCG Division-Group Supervisor is acceptable.
  • Qualified NWCG Incident Commander Type 3 is desired.  Trainee NWCG Incident Commander Type 3 is acceptable.
  • Familiarity with NWCG training curriculum and instructional delivery methodologies.
  • Familiarity with PMS 310-1 position qualification standards.
  • Familiarity with local government fire protection agencies (municipal departments, districts and service areas).
  • Employee supervision experience.

Position Details

Work Schedule

This is a year round position.  Three quarters of the year the position is full time (40 hours a week), one quarter it is slated to be part time (20 hours a week or 40 hours per two week pay period).  This is a total of 1820 work hours annually.  This is intended to be a perk where the position maintains medical insurance year round, but has flexibility in the fall/ winter for large blocks of time off to do things like hunt, fish or ski.


This is an un-represented, non-exempt position (over time eligible).

Office Location

This position will be remote in the Gallatin County area.  Due to no available office space in our building, this position will be expected to maintain a home office as their primary work location.  Office equipment will be provided.

Being a regionally shared position, the successful candidate can live in Gallatin, Park, Southern Broadwater or Southeastern Jefferson Counties.  Exact location to be negotiated.


  • The projected pay range for this position in State Fiscal Year 2025 is expected to be $29.33-35.74 hourly or $53,388-65,048 annually.
  • On Call pay when acting as Duty Officer
  • Annual Boot Allowance
  • Agency supplied uniform and PPE


  • Full health insurance.  No cost for employee, spouse and children can be added.
  • Retirement
  • Position is covered under the Montana Public Employee Retirement System (PERS). Overtime is counted towards retirement calculations.

Other Benefits

  • Take home vehicle
  • Agency Cell Phone
  • Agency laptop
  • Tuition Reimbursement Program

About the Agency

This position is focused primarily on supporting our Wildfire Program which is largely outlined in the County Rural Fire Operating Plan.  The key functions of this program are:

Want to Visit More?

We’d love to visit more about the position with you, or just keep you on the mailing list for when the position is posted.

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