NOAA Weather Radio

Weather radios are a vital component of the Emergency Alert system in Montana. In fact, the NOAA Weather Radio is system is the backbone of the Emergency Alert System (EAS). All EAS messages are sent out over the NOAA Weather Radio System, where they are then picked up and redistributed by local radio and television stations.

Individuals are highly encouraged to obtain a NOAA Weather Radio with SAME Technology for their residence so they will receive EAS Messages directly. Weather radios have many advantages for notification in that they are silent until an EAS Message is sent, then it will set off an alarm 24/7. Many of these radios also record the message so it can be played back if the initial broadcast is missed, plus many also have battery backup in case the power is out. Numerous accessories are available for special applications such as the deaf, and hard of hearing community.

Most of these radios are available for significantly less than $100 from a variety of vendors. The important feature to ensure your radio has is the SAME Technology. SAME is the feature that allows you to input your county and receive emergency alerts for that county.

The SAME Code for Gallatin County is 030031.

Weather Terms

Flood Watch The potential exists for a river to exceed flood stage in the next 12 to 72 hours.
Flood Warning The river is expected to exceed flood stage in the next 48 hours. Loss of life or property ispossible with this type of event.
Small Stream Flood Advisory This is used for minor flooding in towns, or small creeks, or areas where roads may haverunning water over them.
Small Stream Flood Warning This is used for significant flooding within a town, or on creeks and streams that aretributaries to mainstem rivers. Loss of life or property is possible during this type of event.
Flood or River Statement This is just a statement that gives you information on a creek or river that is rising, but isn’texpected to reach flood stage.

Special Needs Accessories

In addition to the standard notification methods from the NOAA Weather Radios, several models are available which have accessories for individuals with specials needs. These special Weather Radios allow for alternate notification methods such as Strobe Lights, Sirens, Bed/ Pillow Shackers, and Appliance Modules. For additional information, please visit:

Gallatin County Weather Radio Frequencies

  • Bozeman 162.500
  • Butte 162.550
  • Livingston 162.525
  • Helena 162.400
  • Yellowstone National Park 162.450 & 162.425

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