We’re Hiring for a Wildfire Mitigation Crew

Gallatin County Emergency Management

Gallatin County is starting a Wildfire Mitigation Crew in 2024!

Program Objectives

  • Reduce wildfire risk on private properties through performing wildfire risk assessments & education.
  • Reduce wildfire risk on private properties through conducting low complexity fuels mitigation work.
  • Increase initial attack capability in Gallatin County and surrounding areas.
  • Provide support for volunteer fire agencies with mop up and patrol activities on wildfires.
  • Build experience in the local fire service through building the crew’s training and experience on both local and large project fire assignments.

Crew Functions

  • Perform Wildfire Risk Assessments for private property owners.
  • Conduct wildfire mitigation hand work on private property utilizing hand and power tools.
  • Respond to wildfires in Gallatin County on a wildland fire engine.
  • Support extended attack wildfires around South Central Montana with suppression, mop up and patrol on a wildland fire engine.
  • Participate in project fire assignments around the region.

Crew Organization

  • For 2024 the crew is expected to be staffed with 2 crew members and a crew lead.  There may be opportunities for fill in personnel.
  • The crew will primarily operate from a type 6 wildland engine.  May also utilize other utility vehicles, UTVs and trailers.
  • Crew will typically work a 40 hour work week.  The standard work week will typically consist of 10 hour days, 4 days a week.  Overtime will be paid for work in excess of 40 hours in a work week.
    • Work days and hours will vary based on project needs and fire activity.
    • Employment will start on May 13, 2024 and finish on August 16, 2024.  This is 14 weeks of projected employment over the Montana State University summer break.


  • Crew Member:  $23.00/ hour
  • Crew Lead:  $25.00/ hour

Desired Background

The first couple weeks of employment will consist heavily of training for the mitigation work you will be conducting.  Previous experience and skills are valuable, but an individual’s aptitude, personality and work ethic are just as important to us.

  • General Skills
    • Basic Wildland Training (FFT2)
      • Courses: DNRC Basic Wildland, S-131, S-212, S-211
    • Drivers License with clean driving record.  Emergency Vehicle Operations Training
    • First Aid/ CPR
    • Arduous Work Capacity Test
    • Power Saw Training
  • Crew Lead Skills
    • Engine Boss Experience
      • Courses:  S-230, S-231, S-290, ICS-200, S-219

Hiring Process

  1. Please send a letter of interest and a resume to patrick@readygallatin.com.
  2. We will conduct an initial round of in person interviews the week of March 18th.