Gallatin County Awarded Community Wildfire Defense Grant

Gallatin County Emergency Management

Gallatin County is pleased to announce that our North Gallatin Front wildfire mitigation project has been selected for funding through the Community Wildfire Defense Grant Program.  This project will provide close to $1.6 million in funding from the USDA Forest Service to support land owners conducting wildfire mitigation work on their property.  Gallatin County’s project is one of one hundred projects that was funded with $197 million in round 1 of this program across the United States.  Our project is focused on the Northern Gallatin Front from Storm Castle in the Gallatin Canyon around the Gallatin Front to Bozeman Pass.

The project is written to support both home ignition zone work around houses as well as some larger landscape level projects.  The Gallatin Front has several projects that have been completed, are in the process of being implemented, or are likely to occur in the future on city, state and federal public lands.  This project was written to help conduct work on the adjacent private lands in this areas to create a more cohesive areas of treated areas across both the public and private lands.  Funding will provide up to 60% reimbursement of the incurred costs for eligible work.

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