Training Room Schedule

Conditions of Use:

All groups/ people appearing on this calendar have agreed to the following as a condition for utilizing the Coordination Center:

  • The room will be returned to it’s normal layout when done.
  • Garbage will be emptied, Kitchen cleaned, Coffee maker cleaned and turned off.
  • Restrooms will be cleaned.
  • Floors will be vacuumed.
  • You will be responsible for any cleanup costs.
  • Emergency situations have priority for the facility and can bump your reservation.
  • You will cancel your reservation if you no longer need it.
  • You will provide your own food and beverages, as well as paper goods.
  • You will notify Gallatin County Emergency Management of any damages or injuries.
  • You agree to the IT Policies of the facility.

To schedule the Coordination Center, please contact Emergency Management at 582-2395.

Training Room