Fun with Fireworks

Gallatin County Emergency Management

As we approach July 4th we will start seeing fireworks stands popping up around our community. We likely all have great memories of spending time with family and friends on the 4th and they probably involve fireworks in some fashion. Fireworks can be a lot of fun, whether you are watching a professional show or setting off fireworks you have bought. However personal use of fireworks doesn’t bring back good memories for all, and in fact it brings back vivid memories for many Americans who have been involved with a fireworks injury or fire.

What starts as fun often immediately changes to someone being permanently injured or killed from fireworks use with over 10,000 people landing in emergency rooms each year from fireworks. It’s not just the injuries either, in fact over 18,000 fires will start from fireworks this year leaving people with damaged or destroyed property and in many cases a huge bill to cover the fire suppression costs.

So, consider leaving fireworks to professional pyrotechnicians and attend a community fireworks show. If not, use great caution with your fireworks and be safe! Take a look at these recommended safety tips from the American Pyrotechnics Association.