Mitigation Plan Updates

Gallatin County Emergency Management

We’re Updating!

Gallatin County is updating our Hazard Mitigation Plan and incorporating our Community Wildfire Protection Plan into it.  You are probably wondering why you care, or how it may affect you.  Many people don’t realize the purpose or benefits of this document until they are affected by an incident.  However the plan is a key document that identifies the hazards in our communities and potential ways to minimize their affects.  In order to utilize several federal disaster programs we have to have the projects identified in our mitigation plan.  So our challenge is to make sure we don’t inadvertently miss that we should be identifying.

The best way for us to ensure we identify the communities hazards being faced is for the community to participate int he planning process.  There will be many ways for people to provide feedback as the process moves along and we ask that you take a few moments and provide us your thoughts.  You can request to be notified about opportunities to participate  Here.

We have a page dedicated to this update process at where you can obtain information on the process.