Earthquake Preparedness Month

Gallatin County Emergency Management

February is Earthquake Preparedness Month, and we live in Earthquake Country!

1959 Hebgen Lake Earthquake

Being prepared for a large incident like an earthquake by learning what to do goes a long way in reducing your chance of injury.  Take a few minutes this month with your family and co-workers to practice, Drop, Cover and Hold On!

When the shaking starts, drop onto your hands and knees where you are at.  This will help keep you from falling.  Crawl towards shelter if it is available.
Cover your head and neck with one arm.  Crawl under a sturdy desk or table, or near an interior wall if there is nothing to crawl under.  Stay away from windows and keep on your knees bent over.
Hold On
Hold on until the shaking stops.  If under a table or desk, hold on to it and be prepared to move with it.  If not under shelter, cover your head and neck with your arms while sitting on your knees.

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