Utilizing Sandbags

Gallatin County Emergency Management

Utilizing sandbags for flooding events can be a very effective tool in preventing damage to property.  However, like any flood fighting tool they need to be implemented before you are affected by flooding.

1 To properly utilize sandbags, first identify how many sandbags you will need by determining the height of your levy and the distance you want to cover.  The amount of sandbags needed is often underestimated.  The US Army Corp of Engineers utilizes this as an estimation:

Sand Bag Requirements

2 You need to procure your sandbags.  The best source for bulk sand bags in Gallatin County is Bozeman Brick, Block and Tile on Jackrabbit (587-4283).  They can provide empty bags, filled bags and can deliver them.

3 Once you procure the bags, how you deploy them is critical in order for them to function correctly.  Bags must be interlocked, stacked in a pyramid shape, and positioned facing the water flow.  For instructions on stacking bags, watch this video from San Diego County:

Reference material is also available from the US Army Corps of Engineers and Santa Cruz County.

Remember to develop your flood fighting plan and implement it before you are directly impacted by flooding.  It takes time to procure the needed supplies and put them in place!

When flooding occurs, be safe and use caution when working around flood waters.