Would You Be Notified?

Gallatin County Emergency Management
Most people in today’s world are in a constantly connected state. In the emergency management world this makes spreading important information very quick. However the flip side is ensuring that our community is getting factual information from the official source can sometimes be challenging with everything else be passed around. In addition, we surprisingly still face the emergency alerting challenge of, “How do we notify people who are asleep?”
To help emergency officials in Gallatin County quickly and accurately notify affected communities of emergencies we launched the Community Notification System last summer. This system allows officials to quickly target a defined area with emergency information as well as immediately push the information to social media and affiliated systems. However, ensuring you receive immediate information directly from officials requires a little time on your part.
By spending 5 minutes registering in the Community Notification System you’ll ensure that we can alert you about the locations you care about. When you register you tell us what locations you care about and how you want to be notified (phone call, text message, smart phone app and more). So, take a couple minutes and visit Alerts.ReadyGallatin.com and register, then get your friends and family to register too.
If we can’t reach you, we can’t alert you!