Mobile Device Management Integration for CNS

Gallatin County Emergency Management

Gallatin County’s Community Notification System (CNS) now supports integration with mobile device management (MDM) systems utilized my organizations to manage their smart devices.  The newly available MDM support allows organizations to automate the availability, or even automatically install, the Community Notification System’s Everbridge app (apple or android) on smart devices.  Organizations can now assist their employees on easily installing the Everbridge app helping ensure their employees are notified of emergency situations affecting them.

The Everbridge app not only allows those who have registered in the Community Notification System to receive alerts they have selected, but also allows users to be notified based on the current location of their device.  While we encourage residents in Gallatin County to register in the CNS to receive the full benefit, by simply downloading the Everbridge app users will receive emergency alerts based on their current location without registering.

If your MDM solution supports the protocol (see below), you will be able to complete the following for your Everbridge Mobile App users from your MDM provider:

  • Distribute the app in your internal app store.
  • Push the app to your managed devices.
  • Remotely wipe the container and prevent container access.
  • Control ability to copy and paste.
  • Control ability to open attachments.

IT managers can work with their MDM provider to deploy this feature to their devices.  Questions can be directed to the Gallatin County Emergency Management office.

Everbridge MDM Support Instructions