Winter Isn’t Over

Gallatin County Emergency Management

Winter isn’t over in Gallatin County and the message of the day is, “Have you thought about your backup plan if your weekend plans don’t go as planned?”  Gallatin County has received a good taste of winter this past week, but we have the potential for more snow over the weekend.  Additionally, an Arctic front is moving in from the North bringing winds and air temperatures into the negative 20’s by Monday.

So, as people begin their weekends think about the following:

  • If driving, allow extra time and keep your gas tank filled.  If you can’t get to where you are going, are you prepared to stay put for a while?
  • Recreating outside, dress appropriately and limit your exposure.  Wind chills will be capable of causing cold exposure injuries quickly.  This applies to your pets too.
  • Heading into the back country, use safe travel routes and practices while evaluating snow conditions continuously.  We’ve had a lot of snow recently that has not settled out.
  • Staying home, make sure your house vents and heating units are clear of snow so they can function properly.  If your fire hydrant is inaccessible, dig it out.

Information on Winter Preparedness is available at: