Wildfire Recovery Resources

Gallatin County Emergency Management

Montana Property Tax

Property tax reduction may be available through the Montana Department of Revenue for those who lost homes, buildings or business equipment.  Visit https://mtrevenue.gov/taxes/tax-relief-programs/natural-disaster-property/ for more information on completing the AB-25 Application.

Logan Land Fill

The Gallatin Solid Waste Management District Board of Directors can reduce or waive tipping fees for individuals affected by catastrophic events such as the Horseshoe Fire.  Gallatin County Emergency Management is drafting a letter on behalf of those affected by the Horseshoe Fire requesting that tipping fees be waived.  The Board will not have an opportunity to make a decision until their meeting on September 26th.  If you take fire debris to the dump prior to the board making a decision, you may or may not be able to get your money back if fees are waived on the 26th.

Gallatin Solid Waste Management District
10585 2 Dog Rd
Manhattan, MT 59741
(406) 582-2494

Pacific Steel and Recycling

Metal products should not be taken to the Logan Landfill, but instead to a metal recycler such as Pacific Steel and Recycling.  Metal can be hauled to them and in some cases picked up on site by Pacific.

Pacific Steel and Recycling
225 Rock Road
Belgrade, MT 59714
(406) 924-7170

American Red Cross

The American Red Cross offers a variety of human service programs to help assist those who have lost their homes.  They can also make referrals to other non-governmental organizations who are part of the Southwest Montana Community Organizations Active in Disaster who may be able to offer other services based on needs.

American Red Cross of Montana

Natural Resources Conservation Service

A commonly overlooked problem caused by wildfires is the damage to the soil and associated vegetation.  In areas where wildfires burn hot in steep terrain, those areas often become susceptible to erosion.  Not only does erosion cause damage to the land, the runoff often causes damage to roads and buildings below.  The Natural Resources Conservation Service has program and personnel that can assist landowners with post fire stabilization activities.

Natural Resources Conservation Service
Bozeman Field Office
3710 Fallon St
Bozeman, MT 59718
(406) 522-4000

Online Resources

Restoration Company

If your home experienced smoke damage, a restoration company can be contacted to evaluate the damage to your home and how it can be mitigated.  Several companies in the Gallatin Valley provide this service such as:

Pure Clean Techs  (406) 587-0160
Dayspring Restoration  (406) 582-5432
Buffalo Restoration  (406) 586-8109
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