Plan on the ShakeOut

Gallatin County Emergency Management

Fault Lines

When many people list the natural hazards we face in our community they mention wildfires, severe storms or perhaps the Yellowstone volcano.  Many people don’t think of Gallatin County as being a high risk earthquake zone, but it is.  In fact our area is a seismic Zone D which is the same as much of the West Coast and contains many active faults in our area.  While daily earthquakes in the state are common and we often don’t feel them, Gallatin County is home to the 1959 Hebgen Lake Earthquake which is the 14th largest earthquake in the US.

The Great Montana ShakeOut is a nationwide earthquake drill intended to provide everyone an opportunity to practice what to do if an earthquake occurs.  On October 18th at 10:18 am, take two minutes and practice Drop, Cover and Hold On!  Materials are available at for a variety of different settings to support the needs of your individual exercise.