Open Burning Season Approaching

Gallatin County Emergency Management

Bozeman, MT – Open burning in Gallatin County begins March 1st with the launch of a new online burn permit system.   Burn Permits will be available for activation beginning March 1st for those conducting non-recreational fires in accordance with the open burning regulations.  Gallatin County is also launching a new online burn permit system this year for purchase and management of permits.  Gallatin County transitioned vendors to a system that is more user friendly, verifies locations easier and provides agencies with the ability to communicate information better with those conducting open burning.  The new platform is intended to provide a quicker and cleaner experience for our community.

As Patrick Lonergan, Chief of Emergency Management and Fire explains, “The old burn permit system had become dated in its technology and no longer provided a positive experience for our community.  The new platform is modern technology that behaves like users expect and are used to from other platforms.  The only drawback is that previous burn permit holders will not be able to simply renew a permit this year and will have to answer a few additional questions to establish an account in the new system.”

Permits purchased through the Gallatin County Burn Permit System are valid for all local jurisdictions within Gallatin County.  Permits cost $15.00 and are valid for the 2020 open burning season which runs from March 1st to November 30th.  Permits can be utilized by the permit holder at multiple locations, but must be activated each day an open burn is conducted.

The Gallatin County Burn Permit System is located at

Additional information on open burning in Gallatin County is available at: