Is Your Property Ready for Fire Season?

Gallatin County Emergency Management

Spring is a great time to make sure you are ready for wildfires.  Montana’s Ready, Set, Go! pamphlet was developed specifically for Montana residents around these three steps:

Ready Spend time before fire season to develop an emergency plan and prepare for property to be wildfire resistant.  Emergency Plans don’t need to be complicated, or specific to a single risk.  At the base level ensure you are prepared to stay at your home for an extended period without resupply and conversely, if you have to evacuate, identify where you will go and what to take.  Helping your home be wildfire resistant can also be accomplished in small steps to make your property and home less susceptible to catching fire.


Set When fire season arrives, make sure that you place is ready to go and everyone understands it.  Keep your property in good condition, monitor conditions, and utilize fire safe practices when working on your property.

Go If a wildfire occurs, implement your plan.  If conditions seem unsafe, you do not have to wait to be told to evacuate.  If you feel unsafe, implement your plan and evacuate early.

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