Emergency Management Updating Incident Cache

Gallatin County Emergency Management

Emergency Management is currently in the process of updating the county’s incident cache trailer.  Originally the trailer was designed to support extended wildland fires and contained wildland specific tools.  We’ve discovered that with the current configurations of our local fire departments and the extensive interagency wildland fire system, this really isn’t needed anymore.  So with funding support from Yellowstone National Park and the Montana Community Foundation we are in the process of changing the trailer to support the incident command post functions of any incident.

Incident Cache Trailer

When we have an incident that will last a day, or several days, we often find ourselves running around procuring what we’ll need.  Regardless of where we are, quickly deploying support resources such as shelters, chairs, tables, power, feeding resources and similar items often are what make the difference.  So the updated trailer will contain these supplies ready to immediately deploy in support of an incident or planned event.

New supplies added to the cache trailer consist of:

  • folding tables and chairs (for 75 people)
  • portable tents (10′ x 20′)
  • generators
  • interior led lighting kits and portable led light stands
  • extension cords, distribution kits and surge suppressors
  • traffics cones, flagging and snow fencing
  • signage kits
  • tool kits
  • staple guns, hammers, stakes, anchors, air compressor
  • network and communications kit (cabling, router, switches, wireless bridge)