Emergency Community Notifications

Gallatin County Emergency Management

2018 Horseshoe Fire

Emergency officials ability to quickly and accurately distribute emergency information to those affected is critical for our community.  This is also a large challenge for officials with the many different methods people in our community use for communicating and gathering news.  However, you can help us and ensure you receive the emergency information you need.

All of Gallatin County is serviced by the Gallatin County Community Notification System, which is powered by Everbridge.  This system allows you to register, identify how you want to be notified and the locations you care about.  It also allows officials to target their messages geographically allowing specific messages to be issued to different communities and not unnecessarily disturb those who aren’t affected.

The key is that we need members of our community to register in the Community Notification System.  While we do have some ability to distribute messages to those who have not registered, it is much less accurate and far from all encompassing.  For example, many people don’t have land line phones anymore, and frequently if they do they assume the incoming calls are all telemarketers and don’t answer.  Landlines are also locked to that address, so you wouldn’t receive an alert affecting your parent’s house or other location you care about.

The best way to ensure you are alerted in an emergency that is affecting you is to register in the Community Notification System, provide how you want to be notified, and the locations you want to be notified about.

Learn more about the Community Notification System at https://www.readygallatin.com/public-warning/community-notification-system/.