Flooding Indicators

Gallatin County Emergency Management
Indicators of potential flooding:
  1. Above average snow pack in the mountains. Yes, present!
  2. Ground already saturated with water (can’t absorb more). Yes, present!
  3. Waterways running full with current runoff. Partially present.
  4. Sudden change in weather to clear and hot days. To be determined.
  5. Continued warm rain events (i.e. 1″ a day of rain). To be determined.
  6. Mountains staying above freezing 24 hours a day. To be determined.
These are some of the key factors that can lead to non-routine flooding that damages property when enough occur simultaneously. If you live in a place that could be affected by flooding, spend a couple minutes right now on how you would protect your property from flooding. Then, keep an eye out for the factors above and don’t hesitate implementing your plan if it looks like flooding may begin.