2016 Great Montana Shakeout

Gallatin County Emergency Management

October 19th is your opportunity to practice Drop, Cover, and Hold On with the rest of Montana!


1959 Hebgen Lake Earthquake

Montana is a very seismically active state with 7-10 earthquakes occurring every day.  We haven’t seen a local earthquake cause significant damage in recent history, but let us not forget that the 1959 Hebgen Lake Earthquake is still the 14th largest earthquake ever in the United States!  The Great Montana Shakeout on October 19th is the perfect opportunity for you to practice the simple task of Drop, Cover and Hold On – no matter where you are.  Join your fellow Montanan’s at register to participate in the Great Montana Shakeout at 10:19 am on October 19th.

This can be as simple as performing Drop, Cover and Hold On and 30 seconds later going back to work, or a great opportunity to review your Family Emergency Plan for the year!  Material is available for a variety of settings such as schools, businesses, healthcare, government, and other organizations to easily participate.  Get more information at shakeout.org/montana and earthquake preparedness at ReadyGallatin.com.