Homeland Security Grants

Gallatin County Emergency Management


Have you ever wondered what Homeland Security Grants have been used for here in Gallatin County?  Occasionally a news article will appear talking about both successes and failures with Homeland Security Grants around the country.  Here are some examples of how this funding has been used successfully:

Middle Creek Early Warning System


Middle Creek Early Warning System

In 2010 Gallatin County completed construction of what is known as the “Middle Creek Early Warning System” with Homeland Security Grant funds.  This early warning system created a monitoring system for Middle Creek Dam at Hyalite Reservoir to identify a catastrophic failure of the dam.  This early notification it designed to give a 30 minute notice to the residents living in the inundation area prior to the water reaching the mouth of the canyon.  Without this, likely the first indication of a problem would be the water reaching the mouth of Hyalite Canyon.


Mobile Command Vehicle

Mobile Command Vehicle

Mobile Command Vehicle

In 2010 a mobile command vehicle known as “6CV” was placed in service by Gallatin County.  This addition provided an immediately deployable resource to large incidents bringing a new efficiency to emergency officials.  Prior to 6CV’s arrival, officials from various agencies were often spread out in multiple vehicles or huddled around several vehicle hoods.  With 6CV everyone can now be in the same location, on the same page, and immediately able to share information for informed decisions.  The communications tools in 6CV have also allowed us to more rapidly distribute information to the community.  6CV is utilized  on incidents 2-3 times monthly by all types of agencies.

Communications Infrastructure


Bridger Ridge Communication Site

Over the past decade the county has been able to upgrade and add radio communications infrastructure.  This included new buildings, radio towers, generator, and radio repeaters that enhanced emergency officials ability to respond and share information around the county.  With many of our communications sites being in hear to reach places, work on this infrastructure is challenging and expensive.  Without the assistance from grant funding we would not have made the advances we have over the past decade.

Other Projects

In addition to these examples, many other projects have been undertaken by various other agencies around Gallatin County.