Middle Creek Early Warning System – Evacuation

Preparedness Steps

Being prepared in the event of a failure of Middle Creek Dam is as simple as the following steps:

  1. Identify if your house is inside the inundation area and which Evacuation Zone you are in.
  2. Learn what the recommended Evacuation Routes are for your Evacuation Zone.
  3. Learn where the Shelter and Reunification Center is for your Evacuation Zone.
  4. Ensure you are able to receive notifications from the Early Warning System.
  5. Incorporate planning for a Middle Creek Dam Failure into your family emergency plan.


The area that would be affected by failure of Middle Creek dam has been divided into 5 evacuation zones. These zones are designed to funnel people away from the inundation area without having to cross a river channel (where the water is flowing). Each zone has a pre-determined direction of travel, as well as a pre-determined shelter/ relocation center. As part of developing your middle creek emergency plan, everyone should determine which evacuation zone they live in and their pre-identified travel route. Generally the Evacuation Zones are divided by the major river channels in an attempt to limit people having to cross a channel. In some situations, mainly in Four Corners, it may be difficult to determine the exact Evacuation Zone you are in. In cases where it is difficult to determine, choose the Evacuation Zone that involves crossing the fewest waterways.

Use the information below to identify which zone you are in. Click on the map below to view a closeup map to verify where your house is in relation to the inundation area. Then look at the page and flyer for where your house is located.


South Zone East Zone North Zone Central Zone West Zone

South Zone Evacuation Flyer

South Zone Detailed Map

East Zone Evacuation Flyer

East Zone Detailed Map

North Zone Evacuation Flyer

North Zone Detailed Map

Central Zone Evacuation Flyer

Central Zone Detailed Map

West Zone Evacuation flyer

West Zone Detailed Map

Preparedness Planning

Individual planning and preparedness is essential in the event of a dam failure, as with any large emergency. It is imperative that individuals in the inundation area incorporate a failure of Middle Creek Dam into their planning activities. The additional considerations should include how you will receive notificiations, what your evacuation route is, and how you will reunite with your family. These are all in addition to the standard 72 hour kits recommended so people are self sufficient following an event. Planning, reviewing, and exercising your personal emergency plan is directly correlated to how well your friends and family come out of any large event. Once the event happens it is too late to make these preparations, so plan and prepare ahead of time. For additional information, please review the following:

72HourSurvivalKit0.1 MB1075
FEMA Family Planning Guide 2013022007385123072.6 MB13225

Now What?

Now that you’ve learned about the Middle Creek Early Warning System you should develop your plan and ensure that you can receive the notifications. After you have developed your plan, ensure that everyone using the plan knows what it is. This plan should be periodically reviewed with everyone to ensure it is current and people are familiar with it. To learn more about other preparedness activities, please visit our Preparedness Page.