Wildfire Mitigation Activities

Mitigation Activities

Many of the items identified during your home risk assessment, or in follow up evaluations, can be completed by homeowners.  In some cases specialized skill or equipment may be needed.  Regardless of how you decide to implement work, Gallatin County Emergency Management can provide you with a “prescription” that outlines the work we recommend for your property.

Based on available programs, we may also be capable of entering into a cost share program for work done on your property, excluding work on the physical buildings.

Homeowner Work

In many situations a lot of the recommended work can be completed by homeowners either with hand tools or rented equipment.  It is also possible that project work could be split between work you do, and more complex work you hire a contractor for.

Where cost share programs are available, work conducting by the homeowners is treated as in kind match towards cost share programs.  For example, you do the limbing, thinning and chipping of your property with a rented chipper.  Your time could meet the match for the cost of chipper rental (i.e. the cost share covers the cost of the chipper).

Contractor Work

It’s very possible that it trees need to be thinned out, a lot of understory is present, or you have a large parcel that you don’t have the skills, equipment or time to do the work.  In this situation, hiring a contractor makes sense.  Several contractors are present in the area and could implement the prescription for your property.  When a contractor is utilized when cost share programs are available, the property owner typically pays their portion with cash.

Wildfire Mitigation Contractors

The following are companies that we are aware of who conduct wildfire mitigation work in Gallatin County.

  • Company 1
  • Company 2



Cost Share Programs

Several organizations have active wildfire mitigation programs in Gallatin County.  The exact criteria, cost share process and geographic area they can be used varies.  The current programs are listed below.  If you have interest in wildfire mitigation work on your property, please complete the interest form below and we will see what programs may be the best fit.

Gallatin County’s programs will typically require a 40% match from the land owners on project costs.


Mitigation Assistance

Please complete the online form below to indicate your interest in cost share assistance.  Emergency Management staff will then be in contact with you about available options.

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