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Preparedness and Mitigation Manager

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Gallatin County Emergency Management (GCEM) is looking for the right individual to join our team as the Preparedness and Mitigation Manager.  This is a new position that will take the Department to three full time and a couple part time employees.  GCEM provides emergency management services to over 122,000 residents and several million annual visitors through the county.  We are looking for the right individual who wants to live in our community and has a diverse background of experience that is looking to continue expanding their knowledge.  Gallatin County Emergency Management has the following primary responsibilities for all of Gallatin County, it’s five cities and the Madison County portion of Big Sky:


Program History

Gallatin County Emergency Management was operated by as a collaborative organization between Gallatin County and the City of Bozeman since 1995.  During this time the County contracted with the City to administer the Department and provide the staff.  In 2018 the County Rural Fire Program underwent changes and was assigned to Emergency Management on an interim basis.  The county was also working towards funding the Operations and Training Manager position and it was becoming evident that it was time for a change to meet the programs needs.  The decision was made that to meet the needs of the growing county in the future, the additional staff member and the addition of the County Rural Fire Program responsibilities, that the contract with the City would cease on January 1, 2019 with the program wholly managed by the County at that point.

Primary Position Duties

The Preparedness and Mitigation Manager has some diverse primary duties and even broader ancillary duties.  We recognize that many people will not have direct experience in all areas, and that is fine.  We are more interested in who the person is and their willingness and ability to learn what they don’t already know.

  • Preparedness Program
  • Mitigation Program
    • Develop and implement County’s first wildfire mitigation program.
    • Implement and manage cost share wildfire treatment agreements with private land owners.
    • Coordinate with area land management agencies on mitigation activities through management of the Fire Adapted Gallatin group.
    • Manage fiscal and programmatic aspects of mitigation grants

Helpful Knowledge and Skill Areas

While we are most interested in an individual’s fit and their aptitude, the following are areas that would be beneficial for the position:

  • Good project management skills.  The ability to track and manage timeline for multiple simultaneous projects is important.
  • Good facilitation and communication skills.  You will be working with a wide range of private land owners and partner agencies.
  • Good computer and technical writing skills.  You will be producing written plans, landowner treatment plans and managing project funding.
  • Experience in a public safety field is helpful.  You will interact with a lot of public safety agencies in both preparedness and response activities.
  • Familiarity with forestry practices.  You will be working with foresters and land owners in developing treatment plans on private lands.
  • Familiarity with best practices for emergency planning.  You will be the lead for maintaining and developing emergency plans.

Helpful Reference Material

Other Duties

Being a department of three, each position will often cover for the other.  Some projects will also require multiple people to accomplish and others will be assigned based on who has the best skill set for it.  Bottom line, this position is part of an emergency management agency and you could find yourself doing anything!  Below are some common activities:


  • Serving as Emergency Management Duty Officer or Deputy Fire Warden.
  • Meeting preparation and facilitation.
  • Presentations at public hearings, public meetings and to groups.
  • Backup budget administration
  • Minor building and equipment maintenance/ repair.
  • Supporting emergency management tools we provide to our emergency response agencies.

Why Join Our Team?

Because this is a great place to live and a fun place to work!

We are all about finding the right person to form our emergency management team.  Skills and experience are important, however your personality and aptitude for acquiring skills you don’t have go a long ways with us.  Being a rapidly growing community with a large tourist population, there is never a lack of projects to work on and incidents to support.  GCEM has a strong belief that our roll is to support any escalating incident on the front end, not just sit in a basement and wait for the “big one.”  As such, we have strong relationships with our emergency response agencies and routinely support them 24/7.  In the past decade our extended incidents have consisted of wildfires, floods, multi-day high security events, line of duty deaths, law enforcement operations and search and rescues.

Best yet, Gallatin County is a great place to live.  We have many of the services you would expect of the fastest growing county in the country with the bulk of the population living in the Gallatin Valley on the North end of the county.  Over the next 30 years the county’s population is expected to double in size to 227,000 people.  The valley is largely ringed by the Bridger, Gallatin and Madison Mountain Ranges.  Big Sky and West Yellowstone lie on the Southern end of the County with Yellowstone National Park on our Southeast border.  A multitude of recreation opportunities are immediately accessible to include 2 alpine ski areas, 6 groomed nordic ski areas and endless back country opportunities.  We of course offer many nearby locations for motorized winter recreation areas for your snowmobile or snowbike.  Once the snow melts, we typically transition to hiking, mountain and road biking, fly fishing (3 blue ribbon rivers), kayaking and rafting.

For the laid back days, there is an endless supply of festivals and community events taking place to include concert series, farmers markets, art shows and many more.  Being home to Montana State University, countless events take place on campus around the year to include Bobcat football.  Bozeman is also home to the Bozeman Symphony and Intermountain Opera.  A wide range of coffee shops (25+), breweries (11+) and restaurants (too many to count) lay in wait to keep you nourished.

What We Can Offer You

First off, the job will be fun and diverse!

This is a stable full time government job that we hope you enjoy for a career.  We recognize that Gallatin County is expensive to live in, however we try to offset that in the ways below, and you get benefit living here!




Non-Exempt (over time eligible)

Annual Salary Range for FY23:  $60,382-$73,590 (NeoGov site lists FY22 Salary)

Paid every two weeks (26 pay periods)


Health Benefits

Employer paid medical coverage for Employee administered through First Choice (spouse & family premiums paid by employee at extremely reasonable rates)

Limited dental and vision coverage

Optional Flex Spending Accounts

Voluntary supplemental insurance policies through Unum


State of Montana Retirement Plan (Montana Public Employee Retirement System)

Optional 457 Deferred Compensation Plan through Nationwide (employee funded)

Paid Parental Leave (240 hours)

Tuition Assistance Program ($5,200 annual max on 50/50 basis)


Sick Leave:  Accrue 8 hours/ month.  Eligible for use after 90 days of employment.

Vacation Leave:  Accrue 10 hours/ month (0-10 years of service).  Eligible for use after 6 months of employment.

Holidays:  10-11 observed holidays annually.


This position will work a flex schedule consisting of 40 hours in a workweek.

Typically this will be four ten hour days, but may shift to accommodate incidents, meetings or your personal needs.

Issued Equipment

Take home vehicle

Smart Phone

Tablet/ Laptop with embedded LTE wireless



Shared office located at the Coordination Center

Stand up desk (electric adjustable)

Workstation with dual 32″ curved monitors

Cisco desk phone with Bluetooth headset connectivity


We have a flexible clothing policy that allows for casual, business casual, and uniform based on the activity.

Logo wear shirts of choice provided.

Uniforms provided.

Outerwear provided.

Wildland PPE provided.

Other Items

Free gym access at detention center

Group rates for several commercial gyms (payroll deduction)

Access to lunches at detention center ($3.00)

Discounted ski tickets

Professional Development

We are all about people developing themselves!

We view professional development as a partnership between the employee and agency where we work together to meet your goals.  If we can locate the funding, have the available time, and the curriculum brings value – we are all about supporting the activity.

We see exposure and participation to real incidents as an important part of our development.  We’d much rather learn from our smaller local incidents and from helping someone else with their large incident, before we have the big one!  With wildfires being the most prevalent opportunity to work in a large scale incident, our expectation is that this position will regularly participate as part of an interagency incident management team on wildfires.

Must Haves

While we expect that candidates will have areas of strengths and weaknesses, the following are requirements that you must have or be capable of obtaining:

  • Must be capable of passing a full background check (the type done by a police office where they talk to everyone you know) and obtaining a Criminal Justice Information System clearance.
  • Must be capable of passing and maintaining an Arduous Work Capacity Test.
  • Must have or complete within 1 year ICS100, ICS200, ICS300 and ICS400.
  • Must have or complete within 1 year FEMA’s Professional Development Series.
  • Must have or work towards NWCG qualifications such as, Type 3 Planning, Finance, Logistics or Operations Chief.  This is a long term process that is based on performance and not time.
  • Must have or obtain within 1 year Hazardous Materials Operations Level Training.
  • Must have or obtain Hazardous Material On Scene Incident Commander qualification.  This is available less frequently and will be completed when timing allows.

To apply, complete and submit the Gallatin County Employment Application at: NeoGov

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